Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Is it a Scam? I kinda hope so.

So I'm trying to sell my car. It's only been seriously advertised for a day or so, and I got a call today from some guy in, get this, Georgia. He asks me what my bottom price is, and he says he's going to "call his bank" and see what they can do.

I'm thinking why the hell does someone want to drive 1500 miles north to buy a used car?

I'm pretty sure his next call is going to be "I'll give you an offshore bank check for $100,000, you write me a check for $80,000 and keep the difference for your troubles.".

I almost hope this is the case, because it would be sort of fun to go along with it, string the guy along for a long time, and then finally have some FBI personnel waiting for him when he tries to pick it up. :)

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