Monday, September 13, 2004

Freedoms are not based on "Need"

Thank God that we, as American Citizens, are a little bit more free today than we were yesterday.

I refer to, of course, the so-called "Assault Weapons Ban" that barely passed 10 years ago, which regulated scary looking features on some guns. A more useless, stereotype-ridden, liberal piece of feel-good, do-nothing legisation I've never seen.

They say that 70% of polled people supported the Assault Weapon ban. I bet that almost 100% of those polled cannot define what and "assault weapon" is, does, or functions, they just know they see them in the movies and are scared.

The people who made this happen are people who removed a small piece of the freedom that American Citizens are supposed to have. Americans have a few facets of freedom that are supposed to be guaranteed to us, just by being Citizens. Among these, are freedom of Speech, Freedom of assembly, freedom of redress, freedom to practice religeon. Also listed is the freedom to keep and bear arms.

Take away these freedoms, and you take away the value of being an American. To be an American Citizen, it is granted that the government actually trusts you to be one of the "good guys" with several potent weapons at your disposal. Arms and Free speech are two of the most powerful tools a people has available to itself if it wants to affect (or deny) change. Start taking these away, and it's a big sign that the government no longer sees you as trustworthy, but sees you instead as a potential problem that Must Be Controlled.

But, all I have to say to Feinstein who authored, sponsored, and drove this ban is "HA-HA! We win."

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