Monday, September 20, 2004

I gots a new job

Welp, Cambridge Health Associates offered me a permanent gig, but my job at the MRI Centers counteroffered with an astonishing offer of freedom and more focused work.

Looks like I'm staying here for a while.

They made it so I work more and more remotely, so much so that I might even be able to move to Maine and still keep this job. :p

I'm psyched.

We had the kid's Birthday parties over the weekend. Family party Saturday evening, very nice, everyone had a good time, and friend party Sunday morning at a play place. Naturally, there was a habitrail thng there, and you couldn't keep me out of it. My excuse was that I was making sure my 2 year old was okay in there with the biggger kids, but the truth is, I love playing in those things. Great fun.

All the other parents were saying things to Molly like "I can't believe your husband is so energetic in there" and "The kids are loving it". I would never be able to sit on the sidelines, just waiting, while there was something to climb on or in. Most people are boring, it seems.

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