Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bad game installs. Business as usual.

My game installs usually don't go well. For someone who loves games as much as I do, I'm pretty suproised and annoyed that almost ever time I install a game, with a very few exceptions, the installs fail inexpplicably for one reason or another. This has happened since around 2000-2001. I haven't had any installs go well since that time, and i'm getting pretty fucking sick of it. Other installs are just fine, and oddly, pirated games work just great, but if I buy a game from a legitimate outlet, BOOM- install dies every time. I get soooo sick of typing in registration codes.

Todays failure is Star Wars: Battlefield. Looks pretty cool. 2 dead installs so far, we'll see if the third one works.

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