Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas eve, went bunny hunting early in the morning. Got there at an hour before sunrise or so, saw one rabbit on the walk in, but it was way too early to shoot. HE hopped almost up to me before I told him it was his lucky day, and kept walking. Saw nothing else that morning, other than some local crows and a flight of geese heading north for some reason.

Matt Nicole and Penelope came over later in the day, and Matt gave me a cool R'C plane. We flew it for 15 minutes or so until Nate crashed and had to be brougth home screaming. We lost the remote somehow so haven't been able to fly it again.

Christmas day- good fun, exhausting.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Nate has the runs, all the time

My five year old Nate is not physically capable of not running. He seems to be actually hardwired to run rather than walk. Maybe most five year olds are like this, I don't know. From one room to another, he runs, or at least jogs. From activity to activity, he runs. from house to car and vice versa, he runs. He tries to run at school in the halls, and is constantly told that he has to walk in the halls. He even runs in his sleep!

At night, when he wakes up and wants to either go to the bathroom, or find one of us, he runs. Even when he is so barely awake and can not even talk coherently, he starts to run. He'll stumble out of bed, barely able to stand upright, and start running for the bathroom. He'll do his business, slam shut the door, and run back to bed and crash in. And be asleep instantly.

We're trying to plan Christmas now, and who we will see when. Molly wants Sunday to be a kind of wind-down day, and wants to see Dad, Merge, Matt Nicole and Penelope on Christmas eve. Mom and Vic will be over Christmas morning, as per usual. I think I'd rather do nothing Christmas eve, and do an early morning sunday with the family, leaving the afternoon to decompress. We'll see.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Christmas list

The nice thing about no one in my family knowing about this blog is the secrets I can tell. Here's what I'm getting for people this year:

Molly: Health club membership.

She can bring the kids to this place, and they can play. It's a great setup. It's a thousand bucks. This one is going on a credit card, and I guess I'll have to do a lot of mileage at work to pay it off.

Nate: Toys. A cheapie electric train, to see if he like electric trains. A hovercopter. A toy helicopter rescue thing. A set of electronic drums.

Tess: No idea. Molly got her doll shit and stuff.

Dad: A surefire flashlight. He seemed to really like the one I got Matt for his birthday.

Merge: Photo stuff, a little collage in a frame from the beach last summer.

Mom: We agreed, in the spirit of de-cluttering, and relative poverty, to not give each other anything this year. They'll just do a couple small things for the kids.

Vic: Same. I had gotten him a Surefire flashlight too, but that was before we agreed to not give anything this year.

Matt: Benchmade knife. Looks nice, Vic says it's good quality.

Tom: Surefire flashlight.

So excited to give people things. Hopefully it will be a great Christmas. Can't wait to give Molly her present. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2004

coffee tree

So I was at a gas station the other day, and being desperate for gas, I had to stop at a local joint that pumps the gas for you. I noticed the attendant, an older guy, repeatedly looking down at the back of my car with a puzzled look on his face.

I remembered I have an "All your base are belong to us" license plate frame.

Hell, it was sort of passe when I got it in 2001, now it's really old, but I guess it's still a mystery if you aren't part of tEh in4r-web.

It's one week 'till Christmas! I need to go get Molly's gift- a year's membership to the local health club. She can bring the kids, and they can play in a big, reasonably allergy-safe area so it might be cool.

Oh, and I shit my pants yesterday morning without realizing it. Had to sorta go, farted a few times, and one of the farts was of the liquid variety, but I didn't realize it 'till I went to go take a crap and saw the long brown stain! What the fuck was that about?

Yestderday was the anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Bulge in 1945. May we remember their sacrafice, and celebrate what they won for freedom and out country.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

golf vs. guns

I've decided that this blog would be a lot more fun if I knew I could do it anonymously.

It's a rainy dismal Saturday. I've already been out three time this morning, once to get trash bags, and twice to the dump.. Excuse me, Transfer Station. It's ten o'clock, the house is nice and warm, I have a chocolate muffin waiting for me that the kids don't know about, and I have to mildly take a shit.

I discovered something wierd about myself the other day. I often get the urge to hit annoying people with a golf club. Any time I'm confronted with an idiot, I have this vision in my head of picking up a club, sometimes a driver, sometimes an iron, and smacking them till the club breaks, then smacking them with whatever is left over.

When most people run into an annoying person, what I hear most from people is the desire to get a gun and shoot them. I own some guns, and I never get the urge to shoot anyone. My urge to punish idiots involves golf clubs, however, I don't golf and don't own any clubs at all.

Weird, huh?

Monday, December 06, 2004

Overheard in the Bathroom on Thanksgiving weekend:

Players: Nate, small boy. Cate, aunt.
Scene: Cabin, on Sugarloaf mountain, Thanksgiving weekend, 2004.

Nate:(In the bathroom) "Auntie Cate!!"

(Cate comes in from the living room)
Cate: "What is it, Natie?"

Nate: "The good news is you get to wipe my bottom! The bad news is that there's no toilet paper!"

(Stunned silence from Cate, then doubled over in laughter)