Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Foresight Pays Off

I forgot to mention this for some reason, but a few months ago, the company decided to move to a new cell phone service. When I was speaking with the CFO, we had the choice of base-level phones for people. It turns out that the camera phones were only a dollar or three more than the non-camera phones. I had a strong suspicion that, one way or another, having these camera phones would pay off.

Indeed they did. Now there exist some very compromising pictures of one of our staff members, who willingly put her camera to Good Use. The pictures are known to a very select number of people here, almost entirely in the IT department, and the person who took the camera home, studied poses in an adult magazine and did her level best, does not know that they are more or less public domain now. Even though no one will or should know about this in the company, and hopefully never will, I feel that somehow I deserve a raise for this little piece of foresight.

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