Sunday, August 08, 2004

Beheading Hoax

I love this beheading hoax.

News sources yesterday reported an American beheaded in Iraq. It was splashed all over the place. Next day, (this morning) it comes out that apparently it was done by some guy in California with his friends, to make a point of how the media can present something as fact with no verification.

Now, the guy is being questioned by local authorities and the FBI. This is the best part: They are seeing if the "can press any charges" against the guy.

The government is embarrassed, and now they want to bust him for something, using sensitivites of beheading victim's families as the cause, or injured party.

So Michael Moore can make statements like this with video, and is an Icon, but the average guy has to hire a few lawyers?

Of course, only a few hours after reporting this fakery, the embarrassed media as shuffled it off to page 298378427- I doubt we hear about this in the popular media again.

Bleh. I hate media.

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