Sunday, March 18, 2007

Serbu BFG-50 is finally on order!

I'm so geeked about this, it's not even funny. After a few months of savings, and a couple of well-timed travel checks from work, and selling a couple of less-used guns, I finally had enough to send in to the New England Shooter's group buy on this great rifle.

I sent in the money order on Friday, hopefully we will get the rifles as soon as they are shipped! Needless to say I will generate a full range report and post it up here and on a couple of the other firearms boards I'm on.

In other news, we had a little over a foot of snow here yesterday, and after plowing it all away yesterday afternoon, we seem to be having another couple of inches of light fluffy Christmas-like snow here this morning. The snow blower and the tractor are getting more of a workout this winter than they did last winter.

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