Friday, December 22, 2006

Tonight: Completely buzzed

Yeah, okay, so being now sober I feel like I had to edit the drunkposings that were posted here earlier.

This weekend, Saturday, I actually felt GOOD and healthyish! For the first time in what seems like forever I didn't feel like I was going to drown in my own lung secretions. It was great.

Heck of a busy week at work, being the week before Christmas, you would think it would be pretty quiet, but it was not the case. I cam home prety tired on Tuesday, but was looking forward to the Micros Northeast Christmas party, which I had missed for like four years running. They take over half a restaraunt, open menu, open bar, from 6pm till closing time.

Scott and I went.

Well, we had a great time.tons of people, all of them quite nice. We both took advantage of the open bar, and as the proprietor said to me later regarding scott, "That kid can DRINK!" We talked with a ton of people, ate and drank an awful lot. There was a woman there named Tracy who I thought was John's wife at first, and she was a climber so we chatted about that. I decided to play at flirting, something I could never do in college or high school, because she was unattached. I hope I don't have to say that I never had any intention of actually having it lead anywhere, what with me being already married to the best person in the world, just that it amused me to practice something I've never been good at. It was fun, and I considered myself quite dashing, but it was probable in reality, that I was drooling on myself or something. I wish that Molly could have come, it would have been nice to a) have some nice party time with her b) stay with her in a nice hotel, sans children present and show her off as trophy wife #1 at the party.

Scott and I stayed till about 1AM, where I called a cab to take us back to the hotel. Poor Scott could hardly walk. I poured some asprin and water into him and crashed... but oddly couldn't sleep much. Read on the internets for a while, slept a couple of hours, and got up at 6:30 for some nice room service breakfast ( I was starving).

Good time, I will make it a point to go next year! (Hopefully with Molly?)

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