Monday, July 25, 2005

tear duct infection thing

OK. Been going through the tear duct infection again.

It's been watering for the past 4 weeks or so, since a major allergy attack. Friday, it started to hurt, and by friday night it hury enough to decide to go to the er in the AM.

I had started 2x asprin and 1x tylenol every few hours. Also took a couple of old codeine tabs I had left over from last spriing's ear infection. ER doc gave me prescription for keflex, 500mg, 3x a day.

The pain was okay until 3pm or so, then started getting bad. Meds were not much help. Very painful at night and in morning. Sun AM went to eye doc, who stated it doesn't look so bad. After leaving there, very bad pain, seemingly related to sinus stuffiness... when sinuses where stuffy, pain was intense. When sinuses were clear (on that side) pain was minimal.

Sun PM pain not so bad after regimen of benadryl. Sun night, swelling started, with brown discharge. Discharge continued monday, pain minimal monday. off most pain meds monday.

Notes: when the pain is bad, meds don't do jack shit, it seems
Pain is connected to nasal stuffiness.


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