Sunday, June 26, 2005

Man it's hot

Every time someone comes to visit us during a weekend, we seem to have a heat wave.

When Nana and Grandad were here a few weeks ago, it was amazingly hot. High 90s. Now, when Molly's Finnish friends are here, it's not only amazingly hot, but humid too. All we can do is lie around and wilt.

This supposed 12,000 BTU air conditioner sure doesn't seem very powerful. It blasts in our small bedroom and only cools down the place a degree or two an hour. For an expensive portable unit, it seems to do jack shit for cooling.

We went to the beach today, my first time at a Maine Beach. It was fine, a tiny bit rocky in places, and the water seemed FREEZING at first, but after a while, I decided not to leave the water at all- it felt too good. I got out after my hands and wrists started getting quite cold, but my core temperature was still doing fine.

Last night was jsut as hot and humid, but we decided to have a fire in an outdoor fire pit thing and make s'mores with all 5 kids. The end product of Smores are definitely not worth the effort of making the fire, getting all the materials ready, and preparing them. Might be fun with older kids.

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