Saturday, May 21, 2005

Kill those damn Wops

We have some wasp nests in the new garage/office space. Upon moving in it became my first priority to kill the wasps and remove their nests so I could start renovating the space into a home office.

Tess and Nate accompanied me the day after the carnage to examine the bodies and look for stragglers, so I had a can of wasp spray with me and told them that we needed to kill any wasps we see. Nate agrees to watch out for wasps, and Tess agrees to watch out for wsap...swaps...wips...waps! Her mouth and brian very active in puzzling out this new word.

"No Tess", I say, "Not Waps, Wasps."
"No, wasps!"
"Yeah, Wops!"

She just couldn't say it correctly so I stopped correcting her.

We spent the next few days killing all the Wops we saw. Every now and then she's come in the room all excited, eyes wide saying, "Daddy! Daddy! I saw a Wops!" and I'd say "Really? Wops? Let's go kill those filthy wops!"

Good times, good times.

Hopefully all the wasps are dead now over there. They'd better be, because insulation is going up.

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